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Neo-Future Roman Villa Render 00 Night.jpg
Neo-Future Roman Villa Render 03 Seating Area LIGHT.jpg
Neo-Future Roman Villa Render 03 Seating Wide Angle.JPG
Neo-Future Roman Villa Render 01.2 Robot.JPG


Solo Competition Entry | 2021

This century presents many architectural challenges. Climate change continues to emerge at the forefront. The villa takes inspiration from the history of romanticism, which held a strong belief in the importance of nature, particularly in the effect of nature upon the artist when he is alone, surrounded by it.


Inspired by the organisation of the ancient villa, the ancient material of concrete is utilised to create an enclosed structure in harsh environmental conditions. Reflecting the romantic era which sought to escape industrialisation, population growth and urban sprawl, the villa is designed for the artist, designer and thinker seeking refuge from the modern day - providing a self sustaining studio for novel attempts at art, design and ideas inspired by the sublime beauty of nature.


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